Declaration of Principles on Respect for Human Rights

Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH is committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights adopted in 2011 and to protecting the environment. It is our responsibility to ensure that our business activities are in harmony with people and the environment.


We are therefore committed to respecting and strengthening human rights and preventing human rights violations. This commitment applies to our own business activities as well as to our suppliers.


This policy statement explains where human rights are relevant to our business and what steps we take to protect human rights. It applies to all subsidiaries.




Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH respects the human rights of its employees. Cooperation is characterised by mutual respect, responsibility, appreciation, transparency, trust and openness. The equal treatment of all employees is a fundamental principle of our corporate culture.


  • We do not tolerate discrimination against our employees; no one may be disadvantaged, favoured or harassed on the basis of characteristics such as gender, skin colour, religion, nationality, political or other convictions, ethnic origin, disability, age, sexual orientation or any other characteristics.
  • Furthermore, Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH actively promotes diversity within the company and an open, inclusive corporate culture.
  • Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH offers all employees competitive and performance-related remuneration.
  • Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH recognises the right of all employees to form employee representative bodies and to conduct negotiations to regulate working conditions.
  • Protecting and promoting the health of employees is a top priority for the agencies.
  • We describe our expectations of our employees in our Code of Conduct and train our employees on this regularly.




Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH is committed to respecting and strengthening human rights in its supply chain and to preventing human rights violations, which is why we continuously check where there are particular risks of human rights violations and environmental damage in our supply chains.


  • The preparation of a risk analysis is a natural part of management. The identified risks are minimised to an appropriate extent through preventive measures that encompass the entire company as well as our suppliers.
  • In order to reduce and, if necessary, eliminate direct hazards for people and the environment in the direct supply chain, we develop measures together with the direct suppliers. If developed action plans are not implemented or do not lead to the defined goal, we reserve the right to terminate business relations with direct suppliers.
  • Our suppliers are carefully selected. Compliance with human rights is a fixed criterion.
  • We expect our suppliers to respect the human rights of their own employees and suppliers and to comply with human rights standards.
  • We describe our expectations of our suppliers in our Code of Conduct, which is part of the contractual agreement.




Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH will not undertake any assignments that show the violation of human rights. Where relevant, we will work with our clients on human rights issues and comply with clients' policies on human rights in marketing.


We also promote awareness and respect for human rights by offering our services to human rights, educational and environmental organisations free of charge or at reduced fees.



Complaint management

We ask our employees as well as our suppliers and business partners to support us in respecting fundamental rights.


Complaints about human rights violations or disregard for our organisation's environmental standards can be submitted verbally or in text form via our whistleblower platform, anonymously of course.


Details on the submission of reports and their subsequent handling can be found
in our whistleblower policy via this link.



We bear responsibility

The management of Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH supervises the implementation of and compliance with the "Declaration of Principles on Respect for Human Rights" and fulfils its responsibility with appropriate risk management using measures described above and below:


  • The management receives an annual report outlining the risks, the measures taken, the effectiveness of the measures and an effectiveness evaluation of the system.
  • This report must be submitted to the competent authority by April 30 of the following year and will be published so that it can be viewed for at least 7 years at the following link: Reports of Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH according to the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
  • We also check all the measures described once a year and on an ad hoc basis to ensure that they are appropriate, and we continue to develop them further.