April 2024

Kristin Janoschka on the list of “Frontify Brand Visionaries 2024”

Which personalities will shape brand work in the future? The experts at the Frontify brand-building platform publish an annual list of “Brand Visionaries.” This year Kristin Janoschka, Executive Director Consulting at Peter Schmidt Group, made the list.


More than 10,000 brands all over the world rely on Frontify for brand-building solutions. The company, founded in 2013 and headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland, specializes in cross-industry trends and challenges, making it a coveted partner for brand managers. Every year, Frontify issues a prediction: Which 60 individuals will shape brand work in the coming months? Who stands for creative ideas and innovative offerings that provide essential added value for companies? One of the minds Frontify has singled out for 2024 is Kristin Janoschka, Executive Director Consulting at the brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group. She is among the top 20 in the German-speaking region. 


“I feel honored to be one of the brand visionaries,” said Kristin Janoschka. “At the same time it is also an affirmation of the future-oriented concepts we develop for our clients at Peter Schmidt Group – concepts that are not just about implementing design, but also about how we can use technology to make brand work more efficient, more flexible, and more engaging for everyone involved.” But Kristin Janoschka's project work was not the only factor that impressed Frontify: “She is a sought-after speaker and an advocate for women's rights. As part of the Women Empowerment Initiative, the agency supports the promotion of talent and inclusiveness in the industry.” 



On 7 May at the OMR Festival: Kristin’s work for E.ON 


Kristin’s current work for E.ON demonstrates how rebranding processes can be efficiently managed and successfully implemented in a very short space of time. Initial implementation of the project took place just three months after the starting signal. Kristin Janoscha will provide more details in a master class at the OMR Festival in Hamburg beginning at 10:45 a.m. on 7 May. For more information and the complete list of “Brand Visionaries 2024” please visit https://brandvisionaries.frontify.com

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